pK-8th Grade Students will Return Monday

                                                                        November 13, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

            I hope that your child(ren) have had a successful week of remote learning. It is always a difficult choice to instruct remotely instead of in-person, where we know we are making the most impact on students both academically and emotionally. I also hope that you understand the difficulty of these decisions, and everything that must be taken into consideration.

            With that, I want to let you know our plan for next week and beyond. Beginning Monday, high school students will remain on remote learning until after Thanksgiving break. They will return to in-person learning on November 30th. All other schools will return to in-person learning on Monday (November 16th).  We will resume our schedule as it was before our week of remote learning.

            Please be aware of the sacrifices teachers are making to make this happen. We are holding on by a thin string. They are dedicated to your children, and truly want what is best for them. They are worried, stressed, and anxious, just like we all are. This is compounded by the rising number of positive COVID cases in our communities, as our employees indicated in a survey taken today. They are concerned with the lack of participation in safety measures outside of school. We have no say over this, but please be aware that what you do has an impact on whether kids can be learning at school or remotely from home. Kids belong in school. As long as we can, we will keep them here, but we can’t do this alone! Please stay safe and take extra precautions in this very unstable time. This is the most important thing you can do to help teachers in their endeavor to keep kids in school.

            Thank you for what you are doing at home to support your children through this uncertainty. Teachers appreciate your help during remote learning, and while students are in school. It has been wonderful to see everyone working together so intently for the benefit of children. Thank you parents!! We appreciate you!

                                                                                    Paula Crane                


*As always, remote learners may sign up for meals using the Google form here: